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27 Nov 2018 04:59

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<h1>How To use Social Media In Your Job Search</h1>

<p>Time was, your working life ended with a carriage clock and a state pension on your 60th birthday. No longer. For today’s fiftysomething (and even fortysomething), the world of work — and past — is a way more precarious place, characterised not by the gracious mentoring of respectful youthful workers however the ever-current fear they’ll shortly replace you. For less cash and with better tech expertise.</p>

<p>Although no agency will admit it, ageism in the workplace is an undeniable actuality: in 2016, the final year for which figures can be found, the redundancy charge among over 50s hit a report excessive. While the number of people made jobless overall has fallen lately, the proportion of over-50s redundancies has risen sharply — a shocking one in three people made redundant at the moment is 50 or older.</p>

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<p>In a quick-transferring digital world, experience counts for lower than technological savvy; indeed, in some industries, the extra experience you may have, the ‘staler’ you seem to recruiters. Recent analysis discovered that employees aged 49-51 obtained 19 per cent fewer responses to job functions than those aged 29-31. Older nonetheless and the chances recede further.</p>

<p>These aged 64-sixty six had 35 per cent fewer replies. For women this will result in actual hardship. Enter Kerry Hannon, a world-renowned professional on midlife work. A agency believer in the expertise of 50-plus women, she has spent two decades researching and writing concerning the world of labor and the older woman’s place in it. What all of us need to start planning for, she says, is our ‘encore career’, a second — often more meaningful — act to our working lives. ‘Landing a job after 50 does take research, soul-looking and swagger,’ she says, however it’s completely attainable — indeed desirable — to start a brand new career in midlife.</p>

<p>So here, in an extract from Kerry’s brilliant new e-book, is how you do it . Do not dive right into a second profession on a whim. Whenever you turn 50, start planning for an encore career you may kick off in another five years. Considering a few second act forces you to confront how much longer you’re going to must work, and that changes the equation about what you want to do. If you’re going to work for 2 more decades, it is advisable love that job.</p>

<p>Look inside: What am I best at? What do I love to do? What don’t I wish to do? What was my childhood dream? Ask friends and colleagues, too. They may see things you’re innately good at that you're taking as a right. Shape up your monetary life. Beginning once more can imply a pay cut or forking out for the cost of a fledgling enterprise or training. It’s sensible to have a cushion of six months’ pay or more to cover living bills, as well as unexpected emergencies, when you make the transition. Can you set the mortgage on a lower price?</p>

<p>Pare back spending elsewhere? But remember to maintain your hand out of the cookie jar. It’s tempting to dip into retirement accounts and tap residence equity and different savings. Don’t be tempted to jeopardise your retirement safety. Apprentice, volunteer or moonlight. Do your self a favour — do the job first.</p>

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